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In Oratech Turkic Republics,
MEIR, THIRDEYE, CDMS products have completed MOU pre-protocol agreements in Turkic Republics and many countries.
In the Oratech Africa region,
MEIR, THIRDEYE, CDMS products have completed MOU memorandum agreements in many African countries.
We added a new partnership
DIAMANTI, a special LOCAL CLOUD solution that performs 10X in special cases and 100X in database and app systems
Disabled citizens will be able to receive call service
Experience a Face-to-Face, Modern Technology with Elçi Assist
We continue with secure communication solutions,
ELÇİ is a 100% local IP Based Communication Services and Public Relations software developed by ELÇİ. ELCI is a communication application that captures the information age in communication and breaks new ground in public relations and citizen participation.
In press MEIR
Do not Informatics administer us, we administer Informatics
When we consider where Informatics Tecnologies been in the country, transitions is seem like uncontrolled.Even we don't see any problem in these transitions for now, this doesn't mean won't see the same thing in future.
Sultan Abdülhamit's project and Wikileaks
Fatih Ayhan Haktanır who is Oratech’s CEO analyzed that clarified in Wikileaks in a different way for Burokrat News readers.
Tecnologhy transfer with Informatics Ministry
Fatih Ayhan Haktanır who is Oratech's CEO analyzed the opportunities and current sitution of Turkey's informatics for Burokrat News readers.
Oratech's Nigeria Visit
Oratech- Kazakistan Visit

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